For a second time, the »Institut Farbe.Design.Therapie« (Frammersbach) is inviting submissions to compete for the European ColourDesignAward for the period of 2010-2011. This prize rewards exceptional performance in terms of concept, design, skill and artistic or scientific merit where colour has been used as the main design tool.

The aim of the European ColourDesignAward is to enhance colour consciousness in design. At the same time, we wish to promote the potential of colour for the design of products and services of any type. The particular interest of the awarding bodies is in projects that put the effects of colour deliberately into the forefront.

The European ColourDesignAward consists of an overall sum of 25,000 Euros.
The endowment breaks down as follows:

1. Prize: 12,500 Euros
2. Prize: 17,500 Euros
3. Prize: 12,500 Euros

For science projects or for entries by students, the jury can award a further 2,500 Euros.

The closing date for all applications is the 10th August 2011

Downloads with complete submission and the application form included as a PDF file are available on oktober

Awarding bodies

Auslober RAL FarbenInstitut Farbe.Design.Therapie


Sponsoren 2011 CaparolDeutsches Lackinstitutsikkens

Responsible bodies

Förderer 2011 Bund Europäischer Farbberater/-designer der IACC e.V.Procolore Schweizerische Vereinigung für die FarbeBund deutscher InnenarchitektenBDG Berufsverband der Deutschen Kommunikationsdesigner e.V.Verband Deutscher Industrie Designer e.V.VDMD - Verband deutscher Mode- und Textildesigner e.V.